Services of a Ukrainian lawyer in the USA

Areas of practice of a Ukrainian lawyer in the USA:

  1. Assistance in drawing up powers of attorney for Ukrainians for the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA regarding operations in Ukraine;
  2. Assistance in resolving legal issues in Ukraine (representation in courts, drafting contracts, wills, drafting attorney requests);
  3. Assistance in buying and selling real estate in Ukraine (primary and secondary market)
  4. Registration in Ukraine of public organizations, religious organizations, missions, charitable organizations LLC and other enterprises;
  5. Opening of branches and representative offices in Ukraine by foreign enterprises and institutions;
  6. Facilitation of apostillation (legalization of documents) in the USA
  7. Assistance in the organization of hostels in the USA (arrival of orphans and children deprived of parental care);
  8. Business registration in the USA (PP – Sole Proprietorships; Partner companies, Partnerships, C and S corporations – Corporations; Enterprises and limited Liability Company (LLC, i.e. Limited Liability Companies); Filials (Foreign Corporation) and representative offices (Foreign Corporation) Representatives ) ) international corporations;
  9. International transportation (car, other property) registration and assistance in delivery across Ukraine;
  10. Assistance in filling out the form for obtaining Asylum in the USA.